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Welcome to my ‘Cloud’. 🙂

I like the term ‘Mystic’. 😀 It refers to one who practices mysticism which is the pursuit of achieving communion or identity with, or conscious awareness of, Deity – Source – Spiritual Truth – God – (pick a ‘label’). That, in a VERY tidy nutshell, sums up my existence quiet nicely! 😀

In the course of pursuing this goal I have awakened within myself some helpful talents. I am an established Energy Healer, Medium, and Psychic. I have studied 3 forms of Reiki healing and become a Master in 2, I find that combining that knowledge and energy with Shamanic healing is a powerful combination. I have also achieved the title “Reverend” in 3 Spiritual Organizations. (I don’t often use the ‘title’ though; it too often causes confusion with certain ways of thinking.)

Gee that doesn’t seem pretentious at all. *blush*

I’ve been called the ‘playful psychic’ by some of my clients, and I do my best to live up to that nickname. There is a time and place for everything though, and some things aren’t playful. I firmly believe that life is supposed to be fun though. When I need to be serious, I am, as most all my clients will tell you, but when I get the slightest chance I let the imp in me out to play! 😀

I am an Energy Healer, first and foremost, and that encompasses quite a lot actually. I am a Reiki Master and a Shamanic healer. That is my first and strongest calling!

I also use my connection with the Universal energy to help fellow travellers along their path. That my loves makes me a ‘psychic reader’; NOT a fortune teller. *shudder, twitch twitch* I am adept at Spirit/Guide communication and reading energy patterns remotely.

What that means is that I can tell you the outcome of things as they are now based on existing energy patterns. I can also often see ways to shift those patterns to help you achieve the outcome you are looking for. These shifts are to do with YOU and how you are vibrating on an energy level, we can’t change anyone’s energy vibration but our own!

I don’t do life maps and I won’t tell you the winning lottery numbers or the name and shoe size of your ‘one true love’. (Sorry not meaning to be sarcastic). We all have free will and we all have full control over our lives and what happens to us along this journey we are on. Energy is not static and it does change, and when it changes so does the outcome. This is a good thing in many cases.  But it also means that nothing is certain and there is no way that I can tell you for certain what is going to happen a year from now, or even a month from now.

I am a student and teacher of the Universal Laws (ALL of them!) and a healer. A guide would also fit what I do in sessions.

Pretty much everything you will find on this site is my own personal rant or rave about some issue that has tickled my fancy at some point or another. Bear that in mind and please don’t accept anything I say as ‘the only truth’. I present guidance and food for thought. We all need to find out own personal truth, cause what works perfectly for me might not work for you. LOL

If you want a healing or a Reading give me a shout and I’ll be happy to set up a session with you.

Light and Love, *hugz*

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