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What is magic? That’s a WAY loaded question! lol

To many along the Pagan paths, magic is a way of life and is as normal and common as breathing. To those walking more ‘mainstream’ (please excuse my generalization here) magic is the stuff of bad movies and fluffy TV shows. *sigh*

NOT dishing the movie’s or TV shows. I like a good Charmed or Buffy episode as much as the next coach potato!! But there is a difference.

Real Magic is all around us. Science is beginning to call it Quantum Physics, as ‘mainstream’ starts to catch up, again, to ‘mysticism’. Alchemy USED to be a crime against God, now its called Chemistry and no-one things twice about it.

Magic is just Physics and soon it will be as common in people’s minds as grass, and they’ll wonder how their grandparents could have ever been so backwards.

Least I HOPE that’s how the generations to come think about it!

The Law of Attraction, The ‘Secret’, is all the rage right now in many circles. I’m very glad for that. Hopefully the generation coming up will have more understanding of how the world ‘really’ works than we do. Isn’t that a COOL hope. LOL

Law of Attraction = Magic.

There …I said it. Let the flaming commence, if its going to. 🙂 I’m pretty tough, I can take it.

Magic -> Intent + Will = Manifestation

Law of Attraction -> Ask + Believe = Receive

I don’t see a difference, do you? 😀


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I’m still here.  LOL
I’m still here. LOL

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You are too Cute! I love your sense of Humor & you are a damn good psychic at that! 🙂 Keep up the good work & all the fun sweetie, I am with ya all the way! (hmmm….makes me think some people should crawl on their knees to have you perform your psychic services…Teehee!)
Hugs, love & kisses,