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Ya know how you always ask, in the back of your mind, WHY?

Why am I here, why are things the way they are, WHY do the innocent have to suffer?Ever wonder what it would be like to get an answer to even one of those questions?I don’t believe that any ONE answer is THE answer for everyone, but I believe I’ve been shown the answer to a lot of the puzzles of my life.
Bit of history here. LOL, and a warning, this is mind bending stuff. Seriously!

Last fall, I was meditating and was presented with the concept that this life, the life I am living now, isn’t some sort of training ground or school. I was shown the perspective that this is a vacation. This idea threw me, and my guides/higher-self/spirit/pick a label, backed off from it to give me room and time to digest it.

I was curious and very uplifted by this. It flew in the face of EVERY theology and ideal I had studied up to that point, but it felt so right. It hummed inside of me, and wouldn’t go away. Like a fool, I presented the idea to friends locally, members of a group I helped set up. They were unimpressed, to say the very least and the idea was very quickly dismissed and set aside.

I’m not one to be daunted or to care overly much what others think, so I meditated and asked for more. Some interesting doors opened up for me. LOL

I found the movie the ‘Secret’ online and from that followed different trails to new information along these lines. As I found things, new ideas fell into place and more and more seemed to make more sense; it was in tune with that humming inside me.

I don’t agree with ‘everything’ in the movie, and to be honest I find some of the ‘Masters’ to be annoying and don’t like the way they waffle when faced with the ‘hard’ questions. Either the Law works or it doesn’t. You don’t get to pick when gravity works and when it doesn’t, why should the Law of Attraction be any different. (Different rant, sorry. lol)

Anyway, the more I delve into this, the more I’m discovering that my earth shattering revelation isn’t at all a new concept. It’s been worded differently, but its there.

We’re not here to be tested; there is not ultimate purpose or goal we have to reach. No quotas need to be reached to win a ticket to paradise. (I NEVER liked that concept!!)

We’re here to discover! (Blatant rip off from the Little Mermaid!) lol

I can hear teeth grinding. First of all, that’s a bad habit! Second bear with me a second here.

I know what you’re thinking, I thought the same thing.

Who in their right mind can consider life on THIS world a ‘vacation’?!?!

We have famine and war, starving children and sickos hunting the innocent. What crap are you trying to hand us here?!? It’s impossible; no one would WANT to experience cancer, or a hurricane! NO child WANTS to be used and killed!

It doesn’t make any sense. Not from that perspective. Try to give this consideration though.

We are SPIRITUAL beings having a PHYSICAL experience! We are infinite. In our true form, our true selves, we are spirit. We put on these bodies like a tourist puts on a loud shirt to visit the islands. We each choose the experience we want to have during this trip, and how long we want the trip to be.

Why are we so afraid of death? And what gives us the right to decide what ‘suffering’ is? Different cultures have different rules. I.E. the Native American’s had NO idea they were ‘suffering’ until the European settlers came to

North America and ‘fixed’ them. I have some very dear friends now who are Natives and STILL aren’t impressed that their culture was ‘saved’.

Shift your perspective and the whole world shifts with it!


So, back to my point.

In the face of eternity, a 75 year lifespan is like a 2 week holiday in the face of a 75 year lifespan. Likewise, not everyone wants to experience things the same way during those two weeks.

For a Spiritual being, suffering HAS to have a FAR different definition than what a Physical being does. Just as a small child thinks the world is coming to crashing halt if they don’t get to go the party! The adult’s perspective of this is that this will pass, and that in the scheme of things, it’s not a big deal.

Follow my point?

With time and experience comes a different perspective. What is suffering to one entity is an interesting experience to another.

We choose what we want to experience, and in this moment, we don’t always enjoy the sensation we are getting. That is most of the point of the experience though. To feel that, to encounter it, to discover that perspective! Not everyone thinks that skydiving or bungee jumping is ‘fun’. Not everyone WANTS to tour the museums of the world or see how many body piercings they need to set off the metal detectors at airports.

We experience life in different ways. As physical beings, our vantage point is limited, which is the point of the experience.

Look at this world we live in. It’s incredible!

Any place you go for vacation has good points and bad. Look for what you want and that’s what you will see.

Just give it some thought and see where it goes for you. J

Let me know if you find any cool spots along the way! *wink*

Light and Love,


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I see that somebody’s been doing some deep spiritual probing. XD

A vacation, huh. My counsellor keeps telling me that I’m not on vacation, I am “on an academic exchange”. But that’s another story. (Rereading that, I make it sound like she hounds me. She doesn’t, she just brought it up once or twice. XD Anyway.)

I want to see all the musuems of the world AND see how many piercings I can fit. I’m working on the first one now; any idea on where I could start the second… ?

LOL, I like your new idea. That fits in with most of my philosophies. Existentialism and all that, experiencing life. When I get back, you should help me figure out how to meditate. :/

Love ya!!


Some monster probing acutually. And deep enough I needed an oxygen tank for some of the way. LOL

I will be happy to help you with the meditation stuff. I got a program from Holosync that is AWESOME for meditating. 😀

Life is an adventure, and you’re living the dream!!

xxoo xxoo


TONGUE!!! Get your tongue pierced. Tongue piercing pwn. Lip piercings are a close second but tongue!