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Are you tired?

Are you tired of the ‘Guru’s’ telling you that all you need is a positive outlook and all the wrong’s in your life will magically become right?

The theory of it makes perfect sense and seems the easiest thing in the world. Change your outlook = change your life. Change how you think and your whole world WILL change.

Trouble is….for those just finding this, for those just beginning with the concept, its hard work! Who’s got a couple of hours everyday to read and meditate? Whos got the extra cash lying around to travel the country to seminars or invest in tapes and CD’s? This is what the Guru’s teach and promote, ait it works, IF you can do it.

In my experience working with people who are just starting to explore this new way of thinking I’ve found that most all of them need quick, simple and inexpensive ways to start out.

I know this because I was the worst of the bunch! I wanted results with little to no effort on my part, and I wanted them NOW! (Truth be told, I’m still that way more often than not.)

Over the years working as a Reiki Master/Teacher, and as an Intuitive counsellor, I have found that short, upbeat, catchy ‘sayings’ or ‘quotes’ help people shift their moods.

Music, scent and thought are the 3 best ways to shift your mood. In most working environments music and scent are beyond our control.

A short, simple thought is always available to us though! 

If you want to make Positive Changes in your life, this is the only formula you will ever need:

  • Mood Controls Thought
  • Thought Controls Choice
  • Choice Determines Outcome
  • Positive Mood = Positive Outcome

Short Simple and to the Point!

This book is a collection of 365 short, simple and to the point sayings to help you shift your mood.

Compiled in pdf format so it will work on ANY computer and set out so the whole book can be printed out on 20 pages using 2 sided printing options.

I’m not going to blow smoke at you and promise this will miraculously cure your life. It’s a straight forward, easy way to begin a new way of thinking and being.

Positive Way to Start YOUR Day is a Quick and simple way to begin the process of reprogramming your emotional outlook.

When you send Positive energy out into the world, you get Positive energy back.

When you smile at people they smile back.

When you look to the best the world has to offer, it is the best that you see.

This is Law, and it must happen.

A simple shift of mood creates an amazing difference in life.

Let “Positive Way to Start YOUR Day” help you discover the truth in this.

This eBook is in zip format for simple access.

Purchase now for $10 USD through Paypal.

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