Shamantic Spirit Animal Guides

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I am adding this section so that those that are interested can learn more about Shamantic Spirit animals.

In Shamanism, we enlist the help of animals to help us in our work! The energy and wisdom of our animal cousins is incredible and very powerful.

To discover your animal guides you simply have to send out your intent and then pay attention. LOL

Put yourself into a prayerful state, or a state of light meditation and ask that your animal guides make themselves known to you.

Pay attention to what happens. They will appear to you as you go about your day. In magazines, on television, in your dreams, in real life if that energy in your local area.

I have added a listing of various animals so that you can look and see what your guide is trying to tell you by appearing to you. Each animal cousin lends us a certain type of energy and a unique wisdom. They come to us not only to aid us in our workings with others, but to help us to grow and evolve.

Listen and learn, the wisdom of our cousins is truly amazing!!

I have grouped the different animal energies into four sections. This is to make it easier for you to find who you are looking for as well as to make it easier for me to add them as they are shown to me.

The Ancients are the armoured and scaled creatures. Reptiles and fish, and water dwellers.

The Winged Ones are our feathered cousins. Birds and any creature with wings.

The Four-Leggeds are mammals. Furries with four legs or two.

The Shape-Shifters are insects.

If you want to browse different sections, please feel free, I have organized each section alphabetically. Our cousins can also be found more quickly by using the search function on the site.

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